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ICSG Meeting information - Oxford 2008

Structural genomics (SG) has, since the last ICSG meeting in China 2006, undertaken a transition from the preparatory methods development phase to the production phase for protein structures. SG projects worldwide have by consequence begun to provide a substantial bank of protein reagents to the biological community at large. Collectively, the efforts of the various SG consortia have now reduced the average cost of determining a 3D structure to somewhere below $100K. These important achievements will enable structural biology to play a keyrole in intergrated biological approaches as well as setting the new goal to tackle proteins of specific functional importance, protein complexes and difficult membrane proteins. The ICSG Oxford 2008, will present the current status of SG programs worldwide. Expect to witness impressive results, a lively debate and a critical view of the future of SG.


Examination school

The venue was in the UK at the University of Oxford Examination Schools, High Street Oxford see here. The Schools are right in the heart of Oxford, central to all colleges, the main Oxford cultural and shopping areas and close to hotel and college accommodation. The Examination School has 18 elegant oak panelled rooms and nearly 13,000 sq ft of floorspace. The building was designed by Thomas Jackson as the examination centre for the University between 1876 and 1881.

Social Program


20th September

A drinks and finger buffet icebreaker was held in the Oxford University Examination Schools garden quad (weather permitting) for all attendees and guests.
The Clarendon String Quartet performed on this day
String Quartet

24th September

Congress Dinner was held in the Orangery at Blenheim Palace, Woodstock on the evening of Wednesday 24th September.

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